Film: “Dr. Drool’s Hospital of Horrors” (April 2008)
Genre: Horror/comedy

“Dr. Drool’s..” was a full day teambuilding event for 150 people. It was our first feature film! The client wanted their Auckland and Sydney teams to experience the same event simultaneously. They also wanted a horror script with a medical undercurrent. So we sent one crew to New Zealand where we shot scenes with 30 people in “Spookers”, a fabulous haunted house in Auckland, while the 120 Sydney employees were at Getonset Studios. We divided the Sydney cast into 4 groups, each with their own Getonset crew and sent them off to shoot in 4 separate locations within Film Australia. The rushes were screened in the elegant Roxy Cinema here at Film Australia and during dinner in NZ. The final DVD was a brilliant success and really brought home the message that the 150 people are really one big team!